Prefix to Postfix using Binary Tree

Recently we have given a online assignment to convert a prefix expression to postfix using binary tree. but it is very odd to say that we had learn tree only a day before. as a result only three or four of us among 30 could complete the code in 2 hours limited time. fortunately i was one of them. and for all of my friends who are struggling with it could see the following code.

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I wanted to explain a lot but i can’t because of time. have lots of thing to share. firstly i have made a power point slide that actually simulates how a binary expression tree is made from a prefix expression. hope this will at least help to understand the logic behind the conversion. click this link Prefix to Expression Tree Simulation

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Here is the code of prefix to binary tree(arrayed implementation).

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My first Post

This is my first post. Love the idea of Blogging. This is the best idea of  shearing  over the net.