My Pacman Game


I developed this game as my term assignment in Level-1 and Term-2 (February – March 2007) in C Programming course. This is my first huge project in C, technically last one (as already have learned C++ and Java).

Brief Description:

This is a typical Pacman game. where player plays as a Pacman who’s object is to eat all the seeds in the board or better I say it maze. In the maze player is not alone. There are enemies, four of them, to catch u. If they catch player loses life. Right now there is four levels. Hope I could increase level in recent future. Continue reading


Prefix to Postfix Stack Emplementation

It’s been long time. sorry to them those who want some explanation from me. was bit busy can’t give enough time for blogging. but now i have sorted out that “i will always be busy”. so if i want to continue blogging then i have to write something on the fly.

For them who have got some help “Prefix to Postfix using Binary Teer”. Here same code is implemented using stack. But keep in mind that if case of implementation using stack binary tree is not used at all.

Here is a pdf file discribing the algorithm. Prefix to Postfix using Stack Algorithm

Here is the code written in C++ Continue reading