My Pacman Game


I developed this game as my term assignment in Level-1 and Term-2 (February – March 2007) in C Programming course. This is my first huge project in C, technically last one (as already have learned C++ and Java).

Brief Description:

This is a typical Pacman game. where player plays as a Pacman who’s object is to eat all the seeds in the board or better I say it maze. In the maze player is not alone. There are enemies, four of them, to catch u. If they catch player loses life. Right now there is four levels. Hope I could increase level in recent future.

Pacman Splash Screen

Project Detail:

Developing Language: C (could be said C++ as I have used few feature exclusive to c++ but this program is a structured not object oriented one)

Used API: Turbo C’s BGI

Operating System: Windows (though I have developed this project in windows xp sp2, wish that in all version of windows this code would work)

Software Architectural Information:

In my consideration this project could be divided into two part. firstly the algorithmic part and next is display oriented part.

Algorithmic Part:

Main algorithmic part of this code is BFS. BFS is used to calculate the distance of each block of maze. The enemies ran through the shortest path. When I have wrote this code, I didn’t have much knowledge of algorithms. So the code could be little bit frustrating for advanced programmers. As a result new comers will be enjoying the code.

Display Oriented Part:

As already I have specified that this project is developed in Turbo C so the display and color oriented work is done using Turbo C’s BGI. More specifically by drawing raw circle and rectangle. This is very ideal project for those how wanted to do better graphics with TC’s circle and rectangle functions.

Few Screen Shots Taken Using DosBox :

্্Pacman Begining LevelPyramidRectangularTwo CitiesSpiralPacman Game Over


Sharing my one of best creations …. …


Click Here to download the game. This is a zip file where an exe file and other necessary files are given. This game could be run only in windows as this is developed in Turbo C.


8 thoughts on “My Pacman Game

  1. fahad da it was just amazing to play pacman made by u…..its just a great piece of ur programming knowladge(especially pointers!!)….keep exploring man…..

    • hey riffat,
      i need pacman game source code.if you have the source code of pacman game.kindly send me on my id b4 19 aug.i submitted my assignment.thank u

  2. Hi there, nice piece of work u got there huh. I like it and I kind of want to make one too. I’m new in programming and only know a few of C language not C++ or any else, I’m glad that I found this site. It is cool! Your example program and demo which is included in the zip file can really help me a lot in our project. I hope i can improve u’r program so that we can have a project, i read it and i was puzzled because of some expression or whatever it is, was new to me. anyway, we have couple of weeks left and will do everything to study the codes u got there. Thanks man.

  3. hey there, your game is awesome, could you give me the source code, I need it for my learning in c language, Thanks you…..

  4. I started out in 1987 with TC and I wrote a Pacman clone back in in 1992. Since TC did not ship with a graphics library I used Pander Jungck’s graphics library (so it always had problems on ATI video cards.) Wow. Yours is nicer. 🙂

    Is TC still around? Has it been updated? I checked some links and googled it but I didn’t find any solid leads.

    Could you let me know? I kind of miss it. 🙂

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