Configuring Anjuta for NASM

Anjuta 1.2 could be configured with NASM. follow these simple steps to configure Anjuta. Continue reading


Assembly Code Executing Script

If you are coding in assembly language in linux and not using any IDE then this post worth reading.

We have stared a new semester in our computer science and engineering graduation. Most of this semester’s courses very important for a computer engineer and should be added another adjective bit difficult. One of those is assembly. Course instructor’s recommendation is to compile and run the code in linux using nasm.

Using no IDE, it is very boring to code. As each time any edition in source file, have to type command to compile and link and finally execute the code. if error occurred then again type command for debugger. Have to waste time for typing commands. In time of programming this is not any programmer willing to do.

Then the universal scripting theory Continue reading