Configuring Anjuta for NASM

Anjuta 1.2 could be configured with NASM. follow these simple steps to configure Anjuta.

Anjuta Screen Shot opening an assembly file

firstly nasm and ddd have to working properly.

Click Settings > Commands

Set Language as Assembler

Fill up the values

Terminal: gnome-terminal --working-directory="$(current.file.dir)" -e "$(anjuta.current.command)"
Compile: nasm -f elf "$(" -o "$(" -gstab
Build a file: ld -o "$(" "$("
Execute: "$(current.full.filename)" $(anjuta.program.arguments)

Click OK

Setting up Values for Asembler

After doing so anjuta is ready for compiling to building and excuting a .asm file

Debugging Configuration:

Click Settings > Tools Editor
Click Add

Fill up the values

Name: DDD Debug (Could be any thing)
Menu location: Debug (Could be any thing)
Command: ddd  "$("  &
Working Directory: "$(current.file.dir)"

Click OK

Setting values of in Tool Editor

Now in time of coding .asm file first build the file and then click Debug > DDD Debug to debug the file.

Actually this information are saved in ~/.anjuta/ folder
i am shearing my configs file. could be pasted in that folder. should be no problem. but i am not sure.


if it worked let me know

Please Note: To work in this way u have to have nasm and ddd working properly


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