Epiphany: Smart Bookmark (Address Bar as Search Bar)

For long days I was using FireFox, was very happy with this browser but only problem it is a very resource hungry browser. In some case it just crashes, probably because I add lot’s of add-ons. I was bit desperate to find a fast browser at least with search bars like in FireFox. As a result download near about 9 to 10 browsers. But got the solution in Epiphany.

Epiphany is very light weight browser, built on Gecko engine, never takes time to start. No customization supported by default. There is only one address bar, no default search bar. But the interesting point is this address bar could be used as the replacement of FireFox’s search bar.

Tricks is very simple – Almost all search engine today’s world use GET method to take input search string. As a result the search string is visible in the link address. Just add a bookmark of a result page, while adding bookmark replace the input search string with %s in Address box. that will do the rest. Next time you type a word in address bar the title of this bookmark will be listed below select it for search. This type of bookmarks are called smartbookmarks. Official site. It is also possible to make a serach bar like Firefox by clicking “Show in bookmarks bar” in Bookmark editing mode.

Epiphany Add Bookmar

Epiphany Search Options

Few smart bookmark search strings

Google Search

Google Bookmark Search

*Wikipedia Search

Yahoo Search

Dogpile Search

The Free Dictionary

Finally —

In Love of Epiphany for simplicity.


4 thoughts on “Epiphany: Smart Bookmark (Address Bar as Search Bar)

  1. hey! ive been using epiphany for a long time too, but then its lack of session management (even though there is an extension saving manually sucks) got me…so i switched back to firefox this time with fewer extensions and i sorely miss using the address bar as searchbar…any idea how to get the same epiphany feature in firefox? i know i can use keywords and search..but having to type a keyword everytime sucks…

  2. The wikipedia smart bookmark only works for search strings without spaces, which is super lame. Any way to get it to work for search strings with spaces (e.g. “Holy Roman Empire”)?

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